Make your small backyard even more functional and stylish with a round plunge pool. Enjoy the private pool experience without needing a lot of room and spend more time outside with your family.


  • 3m diameter (3.4m external)
  • Step for easy entry and exit from the pool
  • 400mm wide bench seat around the perimeter of the Infinity
  • Optional spa jets for a complete hydrotherapy experience
  • Softer, organic design that blends with your landscaping
  • Only Design Certified round fibreglass plunge pool in Australia.
  • Available in Pool ColourGuard® with a fade-free lifetime guarantee
  • Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee® and Extended Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Microtech Anti-Microbial Pool Protection – protects the pool’s surface against bacterial growth
  • Exclusive Graphene Nano Technology200mm fully engineered edge beam – the strength is built into the pool

Round Plunge Pools

Round Plunge Pools

External Measurements

Length: 3.4m
Width: 3.4m
Depth: 1.450m

Internal Measurements

Length: 3.4m
Width: 3m
Depth: 1.450m

Surface Finishes

Available in the complete range of surface finishes and colours, including Pool ColourGuard® which has a Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee*